Name: DayPeak

Brand Name Rationale:

Daypeak is one of our most versatile brand names. Everything is better in the light of day, making this a great positive connotation name. Peak speaks to climbing, reaching, attaining and achieving. The combination makes for an intuitive and upbeat name that would work well for a number of industries, from non-profit to financial and consulting. The marketing lexicon, or brand language, that would support and accompany this name includes bright, brighter, highlight, shine, sun, sunny, climb, advance, summit, view, vantage point, etc. By weaving these words into your copy you would have a more integrated and cohesive brand story, one that supports the name. Daypeak is just seven letters in length, with the matching .com. This could be the start of a whole new day for your business.


Proposed Taglines:

The Dawn of Something Better   |    Reaching Higher. Going Farther.     |   Achieving Brighter Outcomes

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daypeak collateral design
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