Name: FlexSpring

Brand Name Rationale:

FlexSpring is one of our most versatile brand names. Just two syllables in length, it speaks to responsiveness and adaptability. This would be a great name for any service company. In addition, “Spring” communicates several concepts…. 1. Spring as a fresh source of water. 2. Spring as a season of growth and rebirth and 3. Spring as a coiled object, ready to unleash energy and potential.


In addition to service companies, FlexSpring would make an ideal web 2.0 name, short and simple and easy to pronounce. FlexSpring… it has a nice ring!


Proposed Taglines:

Fresh ideas. Responsive solutions.       |      Equipped to serve your needs.       |    Ready to serve. Wired to respond.

flexspring logo design
flexspring tagline
flexspring collateral
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