Name: LearnerHouse

Brand Name Rationale:

LearnerHouse sounds intelligent, reputable and knowledgeable. It has the “house” suffix, providing a sense of physical and virtual destination. Learner speaks to the audience, someone looking to acquire more information, education and empowerment. LearnerHouse would serve anyone in the education, consulting, IT/information technology space. If you want to own the “trusted authority” positioning, this name would lend instant credibility and support to that type of messaging.


Proposed Taglines:

Knowledge… empowered       |      Advancing your education       |     Opening doors. Enhancing Lives.

learnerhouse design
learnerhouse tagline
learnerhouse collateral
learnerhouse social media
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learnerhouse logo

What's Included:

Domain URL: www.LearnerHouse.com

Business Card
Envelope (Standard Size)
Powerpoint Slide Template
Social Banners
Photography Sample
Font Files
Usage Guide
30 Minute Expert Consultation

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$999 Down + $499/mo 

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