Name: LuxPointe

Brand Name Rationale:

Luxpointe is a strong, positive connotation name that positions the company as a source of high quality services. The "Lux" prefix speaks to everyone's desire to have a luxurious experience, live a better life and improve their quality of living. This type of name is aspirational in nature, as both upscale consumers and upwardly mobile consumers would respond to the positive nature of the brand. The name also sounds proprietary, in that you have selection that others don't, or some inside advantage that allows you to deliver at a higher level. "Pointe" also has the added distinction of the European spelling, giving it an air of sophistication that other brands lack. Luxpointe allows you to message both premium service and sourcing that sets you apart.


Proposed Taglines:

Delivering Homes of Distinction       |      Where Quality Comes Standard       |     Announce Your Arrival


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